Smart Raven Innovations Inc .

Prototyping and Design Consulting

Introducing the Clean Scan Card

The clean scan card is a card used for cleaning magnetic strip card readers and PVC printers. And everyone who has ever had to wait in a checkout line because their bank card wasn't being accepted by the scanner simply because the machine was dirty can to see the advantage of a cleaning card!

Smart Raven innovations Inc. was with this project from the ground floor. Taking this simple idea and honing the design specifications to allow the card to operate in the widest variety of machines, even finding a new application not considered by the inventor. We then prepared the drafting for the patent application.

We then took this card and developed it to the level of pre-production prototype. Assisting in the investigation for and the acquisition of the most durable, readily available and cost-efficient materials available

We then provided the customer with a large number of prototypes, a complete write up documenting materials and procedures needed by a manufacturer to simplify the search for a manufacturer and a complete spread of digital pictures to assist the inventor in attracting manufacturers, distributors and investors alike.

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